Email glitch

Filed under: Site update on Jul 6, 2007 at 3:24 pm

I think I need to make a special mention of this so as to not upset anyone that has sent me an email recently. My email program has, at least on 1 occasion to my knowledge (probably more), marked the email from the Contact Page as spam and thus deleted it prior to me reading it. It hasn’t always done this, but nevertheless I’ve fixed the glitch by changing a couple of my email settings and setting up a filter. It shouldn’t do this again. So if you’ve sent an email to me recently, you may want to send it again. My apologies to anyone this may have effected.

Also as far as site updates go, there are a few minor issues I’m having with my code for some browsers that I hope to have fixed relatively soon. One issue is that the post date overlaps with the article text if you’re using Safari (at least this is a problem with Safari for Windows – I assume it’s the same for Mac). Turns out about 5-10% of the people that come here use Safari so.. I’m thinking I should probably fix it. :) On a related note, Safari for Windows is not so hot IMO. Get Firefox.

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