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Casino Royale has sold an estimated 3.6 million copies on DVD in the past 6 months, having been out for only 5. The top 6 went to Happy Feet (sigh), Night At The Museum, The Departed, Open Season, Charlotte’s Web, and The Pursuit of Happiness though Nielsen VideoScan claims Bond is #4 following Happy Feet, The Departed, and Night At The Museum. This doesn’t take into account Royale’s Blu-ray sales which we know to be good – most likely the #1 Blu-ray seller as well as HD overall, though I know Batman Begins and The Departed is also up there. Anyway, speaking of which, Sony released a press release today saying how much Blu-ray is kicking ass in Europe.

“Our European Blu-ray sales increased more than 1,000 percent since the launch of the PS3 in March 2007, due to strong sales in the UK, France, Germany and Spain. This is extremely positive news not only for SPHE but for the European high-definition market as a whole, as it underscores the increasing consumer demand for high-definition content and the power of the PS3.”

So guess who is #1 for Blu-ray in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain? You know the name. It’s #1 in Europe, period. Of course it helps if 500K of them are given away for signing up for the PlayStation Network (PS3). That being said, the PS3 is not really flying off the shelves, but as I hear it, a price drop is imminent.


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