John Gardner Dies At 80

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John Gardner, the third official James Bond author following Ian Fleming and Kingsley Amis (not counting John Pearson) died on August 3, 2007 at his home after collapsing. Gardner will forever be remembered by Bond fans for writing the most 007 novels of any author thus far with fourteen novels and two film novelizations.

Gardner took up the mantle in 1981, successfully transporting the 1950s-1960s James Bond into the 1980s with his first 007 novel, Licence Renewed. Gardner retired from the Bond series in 1996 due to health reasons allowing Raymond Benson to take over the mantle and continue on till 2002.

Bond novels:

  1. Licence Renewed (1981)
  2. For Special Services (1982)
  3. Icebreaker (1983)
  4. Role of Honour (1984)
  5. Nobody Lives For Ever (1986)
  6. No Deals, Mr. Bond (1987)
  7. Scorpius (1988)
  8. Win, Lose or Die (1989)
  9. Brokenclaw (1990)
  10. The Man from Barbarossa (1991)
  11. Death is Forever (1992)
  12. Never Send Flowers (1993)
  13. SeaFire (1994)
  14. COLD (Cold Fall in the US) (1996)


  1. Licence to Kill (1989)
  2. GoldenEye (1995)

Outside the world of James Bond, Gardner wrote the Boysie Oakes series and two books focusing on Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Professor Moriarty. Gardner’s final novel, No Human Enemy, is set to be published later this month on August 27th.

He will be missed.


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