Young Bond 5 Update

Filed under: By Royal Command on Oct 10, 2007 at 3:19 pm

Some brief news on the Young Bond 5 scene. Keep in mind that we’re about a year away from the release of it, but in anycase… news is happening.

Over at the Young Bond Dossier, they claim that the working title for Young Bond 5 is The Shadow War. I am rather indifferent to this. I think it sounds more Clancy than it does Fleming, but that’s just me.

In related news, back at the Young Bond party for the release of Hurricane Gold, Charlie dropped a little spoiler that James Bond may fall in love in the next adventure. Who is this new love? I don’t know, but not long ago news broke on another female coming back. This time Amy Goodenough from Blood Fever. Wilder Lawless from SilverFin may also return in a short story if you read the previous Young Bond news story here. Now Bond is a world traveler and you know there are tons of coincidences within Fleming’s stories such as Bond running into Mr. Du Pont in Goldfinger, but in such a short span James is running into all these ex-Bond girls from all over the world. I mean… come.. on. If this were the adult Bond he’d be living one hell of a nightmare. Imagine all your exs popping up all the time all over the world – the world is a big place guys. Honestly, what are the odds? Whattya gonna do.


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Comment by Matt Weston

Made Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 8:58 pm

Personally, I like the sound of “The Shadow War” – it’s an intriguing link between a Young Bond and James Bond title.

But I do agree on the coincidences of James encountering his past conquests (of sorts). Still, Amy Goodenough was the sister of an Eton boy (right?) so it’s not overly far-fetched. Wilder Lawless on a cruise ship… point taken.

Still, if anyone can make contrived coincidences bareable, it’s the gifted Mr Higson!

Comment by K1Bond007

Made Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 10:36 pm

I have great faith in Charlie. He’s done wonderfully up to now, I have no doubt he’ll succeed in his fifth book. I just find the coincidences to be somewhat far-fetched. Goodenough is the sister of an Eton boy, you are right, his name is Mark, but I don’t think he returned to Eton. I can’t remember specifically what happened, but the .. traumatic events in his family leaves me to believe that he moved on elsewhere. But I can’t remember…

Comment by David Schofield

Made Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 7:23 am


Sure, the idea of ex’s turning up is coincidental. But isn’t one of the few shortcommings of the Higson books – particularly the first three – that every event seems to be connected to someone Bond knows at Eton? Such as Hellebore jr and Silvefin, Mark Goodenough and Amy’s capture in BF close to where Bond’s uncle lives, Fairburn and Pritipal in DOD?!! Coincidence, or what, eh?