Lycett: 007 Novels Making a Comeback

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In the Times today, Andrew Lycett wrote up another piece this time examining the new reborn Ian Fleming Publications, the possible success of Devil May Care and everything that they stand to gain. Lycett is the author of Ian Fleming which is considered one of the best if not thee definitive biography of James Bond’s author.

In this context the success of Sebastian Faulks’s Devil May Care is crucial. If it does well (and the centenary provides an extraordinary marketing opportunity), there will be scope for further Bond novels and the other spinoffs will benefit. Even the film moguls realise this is a good thing as they seek to perpetuate their own remarkable franchise.

It would appear if that’s true, then Sebastian Faulks is out for doing another. The other day he said it wasn’t likely he would return while today he was quoted at the UK Devil May Care launch as saying “one tribute, one centenary, one book.” You can read more on that here.

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