SilverFin: The Graphic Novel Heading to the US

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I wasn’t so sure this would ever happen, but I guess Young Bond is more popular over here in the states than I thought or maybe Disney just thinks the different type of media will do good. Regardless, the YoungBondDossier reports today that SilverFin: The Graphic Novel which was released in the UK last October will land stateside in July 2010. If that news isn’t good enough, Disney has decided to not only release it as a paperback, but as a hardcover as well. SilverFin: The Graphic Novel, the first book in the Young Bond series, was illustrated by Kev Walker. Further graphic novels have yet to be announced, but several images by Walker have been released – not to mention that Walker has designed the cover for every Young Bond novel in the US (all the recent paperback re-releases and all the hardcovers with the exception of SilverFin).

Here’s a review by Matt Weston of CBn for the UK edition: Young Bond Comes to Life.

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