Who Is Up Next For James Bond?

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Not Sebastian Faulks. I don’t think many of us thought he’d come back, but theBookseller got a year-later comment from the author of James Bond’s latest adult adventure Devil May Care:

“My contract did offer me a second go, but definitely not,” he told The Bookseller. “‘Once funny, twice silly, three times a slap’, as the nanny saying goes. But I think it would be a good gig for someone to do.”

Devil May Care wasn’t that bad in my opinion, but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as I thought it should have been. Read some of Faulks’ most celebrated books like Birdsong and so on and you’d see that Faulks in his own style would have been great for the job. But that’s not what happened.

So who is up next? Charlie Higson? Someone new? Nobody knows, but Simon Trewin (Ian Fleming Publication’s literary agent) is quoted in the same article saying “options are open.”

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Comment by ray

Made Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 7:24 pm

that book was utter garbage, an insult to bond lovers everywhere. nice cover on the u.s. hardcover edition, though.