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I just want to mention this because I thought it was rather interesting. Sounds familiar, actually reminds me of 30 AU, but author Sean Longden writes about a group called T-Force (Target-Force). Essentially these men were sent into Germany to seize and secure highly developed Nazi military technology, key factories and scientists. Fleming apparently played a role in the creation of the group. Here’s part of the publisher’s pitch:

T-Force was born out of the chaos of war torn Europe in 1945, and it is no wonder the story reads like a spy thriller: the unit was top secret and originated from a plan belonging to the Naval intelligence officer, Ian Fleming, later the creator of James Bond. The unit was selected from the remnants of the infantry after Normandy and included drivers, sappers, bomb disposal experts, commandos and teams of expert scientists, specialists and engineers. What they discovered would not only shock the allied army but also play a huge role in the opening years of the Cold War.

T-Force: The Race for Nazi War Secrets 1945 was just published on 10 September in the UK.

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