Conan Doyle estate looks to Fleming estate again

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Awhile back the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate got author Andy Lane to kick start a new Sherlock Holmes series for a younger generation called Young Sherlock Holmes. It was influenced by the success of the Ian Fleming’s estate of Young Bond. I assume it’s been a success because in the year the books have been in print, well, there’s 3 of them now. Death Cloud (2010), Red Leech (2010), and Black Ice (2011, and no not the awesome AC/DC album). Today, on the same day as the announcement of Jeffery Deaver’s Carte Blanche announcement the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate made another announcement. That, again based on the success of the Ian Fleming estate, mainly Sebastian Faulk’s Devil May Care, they’ve commissioned Anthony Horowitz to write an adult Sherlock Holmes novel – the first time they’ve ever commissioned anyone. This is bizarre when you think of it. Anthony Horowitz did the successful Alex Rider series which influenced (likely anyway) Ian Fleming’s estate to approach a younger audience for Bond which then influenced the Conan Doyle estate to do the same for Sherlock Holmes which then was successful enough that they’re now commissioning Horowitz to write an adult version. We’ve come full circle folks. 3 years from now we may see modern take on Holmes being done. Hey, you know who would be good for that? Jeffery Deaver. Nah, but who knows. They’ve got the films going too.

It all makes good sense though. I have a backlog of books longer than.. well it’s long. I might have to read Young Sherlock. May have to read this.

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