The Facts of Death Concordance

004 – According to M, Bill Tanner almost called 004 instead of 007 on the night Alfred Hutchinson was murdered.

#1 – alias; the Monad, see, Konstantine Romanos

#2 – alias; the Duad, see, Hera Volopoulos

#3 – alias; see, Manville Duncan

#4 – alias; it is not known who #4 was within the Decada. The person is described as Russian and due to having an even number, this person is a female. She presumably dies when James Bond shoots down a Huey helicopter using a stinger missile. #4 was the person within the Decada to secure the warhead for the Pershing missile. She obtained it by brokering a deal with the Russian mafia.

#5 – alias; see, Brigadier General Dimitris Georgiou

#6 – alias; it is not known who #6 was within the Decada. The person is never mentioned, although due to having an even number, this person is a female.

#7 – alias; see, Vassilis Romanos

#8 – alias; see, Melina Papas

#9 – alias; it is not known who #9 was within the Decada. The person is only mentioned as being a helicopter pilot and was the one that aided Hera and the remaining Decada by flying the Huey helicopter to pick them up. Due to having an odd number, this person is a male. This person was killed when James Bond shot down the Huey helicopter with a stinger missile.

#10 – alias; see, Dr. Ashley Anderson

Anderson, Dr. Ashley – #10 within the Decada, she had a secret love affair with Hera Voloproulos and was planning to aid Hera with her mutiny in taking over the Decada from Romanos. Anderson was the head of ReproCare, a division of BioLinks, that gathered sperm specimen from donors and delivered them around the world. James Bond meets her at Chuy’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant where he makes an appointment to be a donor. At Reprocare, Bond seduces Anderson and learns more about the company and their ties to his investigation. After the Suppliers are put out of business Anderson destroys Reprocare’s facility, but is captured and arrested by Bond. She is later mentioned as committing suicide by swallowing a tablet of cyanide.

Ari – A thug that holds Bond and Hera at gun point in a cable car. Working for the Decada, Ari and his partner Markos attempt to rob Bond and Hera after Bond questions what their intention is. Ari is killed by Bond moments later by having his windpipe punctured by a glass shard Bond drives through his neck.

Ashcraft – A SAS forensic identification specialist. He works with Ray Winninger and is at Christopher Whitten’s crime scene.
Boothroyd, Major – Also known as “the Armourer” and the head of Q Branch, Boothroyd equips Bond with a utility belt that includes fold up portable flippers as well as a Jaguar XK8 with all the usual refinements. Outside of headquarters Boothroyd is later seen at Sir Miles Messervy’s party talking to Sir James Molony.
Bryce, John – alias James Bond

Christina – Christina is Melina Papas’s secretary at BioLinks Limited.

Davison – A former chief petty officer, he is Sir Miles Messervy’s butler and manservant at Quarterdeck. He replaced the Hammonds after they were killed in Colonel Sun. Davison is present at Sir Miles Messervy’s party. He is presumably married.

Denktaş, Rauf – Denktash is a real life person who was the founder and first President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He served four five-year terms from 1985-2005 in that office. In the book, the Decada, specifically Manville Duncan, attempts to assassinate him as number “8” of their Tetraktys.

Doctor – A doctor working for Veteran’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California. He contracts “William’s Disease” and is killed on a golf course in Pasadena, California. He is the fourth known case.

Duncan, Cynthia – The wife of Manville Duncan. She accompanies Manville to Sir Miles Messervy’s party. Later that night she goes out with her husband, M, and Alfred Hutchinson for a nightcap at the Ritz.

Duncan, Manville – #3 in the Decada, he is Alfred Hutchinson’s lawyer. Upon Hutchinson’s death Duncan temporarily is made the Goodwill Ambassador to the World from Great Britain, a position he uses to get close to Rauf Denktaş so that he can assassinate him. Duncan fails, however, and is shot and killed by James Bond. He was married to Cynthia Duncan.

Gavras, Lieutenant Colonel – He is the ranking military officer in charge on the island of Chios. He drives Bond and Niki around the island looking for Romanos’s location. He is killed when a bazooka destroys the Mercedes jeep he was driving. Niki is also injured in this attack.

Georgiou, Brigadier General Dimitris – #5 in the Decada, he is a Brigadier General in the Greek military. He shoots Sambrakos of the Greek Military Police and leaves him for dead for asking too many questions about the Pershing 1a missile on the island of Chios. During this time he is accompanied by Sergeant Kandarkis and Sergeant Grammos who may or may not actually be under the employ the Greek Military. According to Georgiou, he acquired the Pershing 1a missile on loan from NATO, however, the truth is that he stole the Pershing missile from a NATO base in France in 1986. He is killed by guards loyal to Hera Voloproulos when she takes over the Decada.

Gibson, Bob – Gibson was the head of the Suppliers. He was arrested and sentenced to jail on procession of illegal arms. The FBI also suspected but never proved that he was involved with organized crime, selling illegal weapons, and smuggling arms overseas.

Goodner, Agent James – Goodner is the man in charge of the raid on the Suppliers. He authorizes Bond to be a sharpshooter and take out Bill Johnson before he can harm Manuela Montemayor.

Grammos, Sergeant – Grammos accompanies Brigadier General Dimitris Georgiou and Sergeant Kandarkis to collect the hidden Pershing 1a missile on the island of Chios. He may or may not actually be under the employ of the Greek Military. He is present when Georgiou shoots Sambrakos and leaves him for dead.

Grey, Admiral – An admiral attending Sir Miles Messervy’s party. He is seen conversing with Admiral Hargreaves. Bond claims to know him.

Hargreaves, Admiral – An admiral attending Sir Miles Messervy’s party. He is seen conversing with Admiral Grey. Hargreaves with originally in the film, The Spy Who Loved Me and its novelization.

Herman, Jack – A thug working for the Decada in Texas. He briefly meets with Dr. Ashley Anderson at Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant. He leaves and later meets up with her again at Alfred Hutchinson’s Texas home. Bond sneaks a ride in Herman’s truck to Romanos’s Texas mansion. There Bond is found out and chased by Herman in his truck. Rather than being arrested Herman drives his truck off the road and over a cliff to his death unsuccessfully trying to kill Bond in the process.

Howard, Detective Inspector – Howard is at the Hutchinson crime scene. He takes the body of Alfred Hutchinson away and remarks to Bond that he was unable to get any information out of M. He is accompanied by an MI5 forensics team as well as a medical examiner.

Hutchinson, Alfred – Great Britain’s Good Will Ambassador to the World, he is first seen at Sir Miles Messervy’s party escorting M. That same night after going to the Ritz for a nightcap with M as well as Manville and Cynthia Duncan, Hutchinson is poked with an umbrella laced with ricin and is killed. As it turns out, Hutchinson gained his money by illegally selling Nazi gold with Konstantine Romanos, although he claims in a letter written to M that Romanos cheated him out of 50% of his share. Hutchinson then tried to extort this money out of Romanos by threatening to go to the authorities with the information that Romanos was a terrorist. Romanos countered by attempting to hold Alfred’s son, Charles over him since Charles worked for the Decada. Hutchinson decided to go to the authorities anyway and was killed by Romanos as a consequence. Alfred was victim number four.

Hutchinson, Charles – The son of Alfred Hutchinson, he works for the Decada as a courier at BioLinks and its subsidiary ReproCare by transporting a virus hidden in sperm. After his father is killed Charles double crosses the Decada by anonymously revealing to Greek authorities a virus-tainted cargo ship. As a consequence he is killed by the Decada. Charles was #7 of the Decada’s Tetraktys.

Hutchinson, Richard – The father of Alfred Hutchinson and the grandfather to Charles Hutchinson. He was an officer stationed in Greece after World War II. During this time he stole a hoard of Nazi gold, was suspected, court-martialed, but was honorably discharged due to a lack of evidence. The gold was passed down to Alfred Hutchinson.

Johnson, Bill – A member of the Suppliers, Johnson is a rancher that legitimately raises cattle. He also houses illegal arms and chemical arms for the Suppliers. When the FBI conducts a raid on his ranch, he takes Manuela Montemayor hostage and threatens to kill her. He is however sniped in the head by James Bond.

Johnson, Mrs. – Married to Bill Johnson, she lets Manuela Montemayor into the Johnson house during an FBI raid on the ranch. Her fate and connection to the Suppliers (if any) is unknown.

Kandarkis, Sergeant – Kandarkis accompanies Brigadier General Dimitris Georgiou and Sergeant Grammos to collect the hidden Pershing 1a missile on the island of Chios. He may or may not actually be under the employ of the Greek Military. He is present when Georgiou shoots Sambrakos and leaves him for dead.

Leiter, Felix – Leiter is living in Texas now with his girlfriend Manuela Montemayor and is using a motorized wheelchair because he’s lazy and enjoys the ride. He meets Bond for tequila and limes before heading to Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant. He helps Bond investigate the Suppliers, during which Manuela is briefly taken hostage by Bill Johnson. To distract Johnson, Leiter rides his wheelchair into the middle of the standoff like a lunatic while Bond snipes Johnson. Felix also aids Bond’s investigation into ReproCare.

M – Head of the British Secret Service, her real name is revealed to be Barbara Mawdsley. She appears at Sir Miles Messervy’s party escorted by Alfred Hutchinson whom she is intimate with. After Hutchinson is murdered, she allows Bond to go to Texas to track down his son Charles as part of their investigation into the Decada. Later she sends Bond to Greece and Cyprus.

Markos – A thug that holds Bond and Hera at gun point in a cable car. Working for the Decada, Markos and his partner Ari attempt to rob Bond and Hera after Bond questions what their intention is. Markos is shoved out of the window in the cable car moments later by Bond to his death.

Marksbury, Ms. Helena – Bond’s personal secretary shared with all the other Double-Os. Bond is attracted to her and at Sir Miles Messervy’s party he kisses her, but instantly regrets it feeling he stepped over a line considering they work together.

Maria – A proprietor of a taverna in Greece. She a friend of Niki’s and opened her restaurant specially for Bond and Niki so they could eat.

Mawdsley, Barbara – see, M.

Maxwell, May – Bond’s elderly and loyal Scottish housekeeper, maid, and cook.

McElwain, Haley – Sir Miles Messervy’s daughter. She has two kids, Charles (9) and Lynne (6) McElwain. She was married to an American, but is now a recent divorcee living with her father and her two kids. At the party she attempts to flirt with Bond, but although she is attractive Bond shies away due to the fact that she is a divorcee and has two children.

Messervy, Sir Miles – The retired head of the British Secret Service. He has a party at his home, Quarterdeck, and invites many of his former colleagues. Messervy notably doesn’t trust Alfred Hutchinson due to knowing about Richard Hutchinson and his past ‘possible’ crimes.

Miltiades – Runs The New Pythagorean Society’s facility at Cape Sounion. He gives Bond and Niki a brief tour of the facility and informs them about Pythagoras and the Society.

Mirakos, Niki Cassandra – Mirakos, a Greek National Intelligence Service agent, is first seen investigating the death of Christopher Whitten. Later she accompanies James Bond and grows attached to him rarely leaving Bond’s sight unless forced to. Niki is wounded towards the end in the a bazooka attack that killed Gavras.

MI5 Medical Examiner – A medical examiner with MI5 at the Alfred Hutchinson crime scene. He accompanies Detective Inspector Howard.

Molony, Sir James – Neurologist for the British Secret Service, Bond reflects on a time when he and Molony had drinks at Blades. Molony is also present at Sir Miles Messervy’s party and is seen talking to Major Boothroyd.

Moneypenny, Miss – M’s personal secretary. In addition to chatting with Bond outside of M’s office, she is seen at Sir Miles Messervy’s party.

Montemayor, Manuela – A field agent for the FBI, she is dating and living with Felix Leiter. She is in her early thirties and speaks with a Spanish accent. She picks up Bond at the airport and later has dinner with him and Leiter at Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant. Later Montemayor aids in the raid on the Supplier’s ranch where she is taken hostage briefly by Bill Johnson. She is later saved by Bond with the help of a distraction made by Leiter.

Nagawa, Hiroshi – A computer programmer in Tokyo, Japan. He received his October injection of blood to help him combat leukemia. He contracted “William’s Disease” and dies at an underground train station infecting a large amount of people. Nagawa is the fifth case reported.

Nikos – Works for the Decada and accompanies Vassilis to the ruins in Mycenae to kill James Bond. During the trip there, Bond overloads an oversized passenger airbag while he is locked in the trunk of the Jaguar XK8. The airbag, which Vassilis’s is unable to cut with a knife ends up smothering and killing Nikos.

Nurse #1 – The first nurse in the book works for Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles, California. She cares for Carl Williams and contracts “William’s Disease” and later dies at a grocery story. She is the third known case.

Nurse #2 – The second nurse in the book works for ReproCare. After Bond’s appointment, Bond returns as the office is closing and tells her that he left something behind and that it’ll only take a moment to retrieve. Felix Leiter then calls the office to distract her so that she will leave thinking Bond got what he wanted and left.

Papas, Melina – A physicist, she is the president of BioLinks and number eight in the Decada. She allies her self with Hera against Romanos and is later killed when Bond shoots down Hera’s Huey with a missile. Papas had created a virus that acted like ricin called the Decada Virus that unlike ricin had a vaccine. The virus and the vaccine were housed in a metal case that was later handcuffed to her wrist. After being shot down in the Huey, Bond is forced to retrieve the case (thus Papas’s dead body) and hold her afloat for quite awhile until being rescued himself.

Ramsey – Is a young Jamaican male that Bond pays to look after Shamelady in his absence.

ReproCare Receptionist – A receptionist for ReproCare – Infertility Therapy, Cryocenter. She makes Bond fill out a pack of forms when he arrives for his appointment.

Romanos, Konstantine – The Monad, he is number one in the Decada. He is considered one of the most brilliant mathematicians in the world and is the founder of the New Pythagoras Society. He made a deal with Alfred Hutchinson to help him sell illegal Nazi gold which Hutchinson claims Romanos cheated him out of. Romanos has a long history with Hera Voloproulos whom he took in when she was fourteen. Although Hera thought of him as a father, he raped her routinely. Later she uses this as one of a few reasons for mutiny to take over the Decada. Upon doing so Hera kills Romanos. His cousin was Vassilis Romanos.

Romanos, Vassilis – First seen in Texas, he is described as a Mediterranean bodybuilder. Bond later catches up to him in Athens. After Bond is drugged by Hera, Vassilis and Nikos put Bond in the trunk of the Jaguar XK8 to move him prior to killing him. Vassilis accidentally kills himself by charging into scaffolding which breaks burying Vassilis under a ton of heavy stones.

Sambrakos, Sergeant Major Panos – Panos is with the Greek Military Police on the island of Chios. He goes to the barn where the Pershing 1a missile is hidden. Suspecting something is wrong, he asks too many questions and refuses to help Brigadier General Dimitris Georgiou load the missile for transport. As a result he is shot and left for dead. Later he is discovered by someone and sent to a hospital. There he is questioned by James Bond and Niki Mirakos.

Talon, Cassandra – alias; see, Niki Cassandra Mirakos

Tanner, Bill – M’s Chief of Staff and long-time friend of James Bond. Tanner is seen at Sir Miles Messervy’s party and at Alfred Hutchinson’s crime scene. Originally Tanner was going to call 004 to investigate, but M decided 007 would better be able to understand.

Tempo, Stefan – When Bond arrives in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus he is met by Stefan Tempo who is one of Darko Kerim’s sons in From Russia with Love. Tempo helps Bond and his group of commandos enter the Presidential palace to save Rauf Denktaş from Manville Duncan. Later he escorts them to the Saray Hotel in Nicosia to confront Hera.

Thomas, Stuart – Thomas is a former Double-O agent (005) and the head of station G in Colonel Sun. He is briefly mentioned as still being the head of station G, however, this is an admitted mistake as Thomas was presumed dead in Colonel Sun by M (Messervy).

Tully, Captain Sean – Tully meets Bond in Akrotiri, Cyprus and escorts him to Episkopi, the area which house the Sovereign Base Areas Administration and the headquarters of the British Forces Cyprus.

Voloproulos, Hera – The Duad, she is number two in the Decada. She is referred to as “The Number Killer” when Bond ran into her in Cyprus at the start of the book. She meets Bond formally at a casino in Athens. Later she sleeps with Bond and dines with him, though she drugs him. Hera was rescued from the streets at the age of fourteen by Konstantine Romanos whom she thought of as a father figure though he routinely raped her. Believing Romanos had lost his way, she kills him and takes over the Decada. As she attempts to flee Chios with the rest of the Decada in a Huey, the helicopter is shot down with a missile by Bond presumably killing all aboard. Hera, however, lives and later fights Bond in the ocean. Bond holds her head underwater drowning her.

Whitten, Christopher – An MI6 operative in Athens. He was investigating a pipeline of chemicals to Athens from London, but was killed by the Decada. His body was found by the Greek police on the steps of the Temple of Hephaisteion in the Ancient Agora near the Acropolis with a Greek coin in his mouth. A number “1’ had been left at the scene signifying Whitten as the first of the Decada’s Tetraktys. Bond was sent to the crime scene to investigate.

Williams, Carl – A fifty-eight-year-old African American in Los Angeles. He died after having gallbladder surgery that required a blood transfusion. The blood he received however was infected with a virus that caused him to go into cardiac arrest and die momentarily later. The virus he had was contagious and later spread to his wife and the hospital staff killing them. Later this sickness was called “William’s Disease” after Carl since he was the first known case.

Williams, Mrs. – The wife of Carl Williams. She eventually catches “William’s Disease” and dies at her home. She is the second known case.

Winninger, Ray – A SAS forensic identification specialist. He works with Ashcraft and is at Christopher Whitten’s crime scene.

Zielinski, Dr. Tom – A doctor working for ReproCare. He examines the forms Bond filled out and preps him for his ‘donation’.