Penguin 007 imprint coming 2008

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Devil May Care will be published simultaneously in the US and UK by Doubleday and Penguin Books respectfully on May 28, 2008. It is at the center of a literary James Bond celebration in 2008 marking the one hundreth birthday of 007’s creator, Ian Fleming. According to theBookseller, Penguin aims to launch a 007-specific imprint called Penguin 007 from which they will publish Devil May Care and perhaps other James Bond-related books for the year such as the SilverFin graphic novel and Young Bond Book 5, although the latter’s release date has not been discussed at all. There is a chance that may come in 2009. Nevertheless Penguin currently publishes all 14 of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels as well as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and all of Higson’s Young Bond series.

This isn’t the first time Penguin has created this imprint from what I recall. They did this back in 2002 when they reprinted the most recent Ian Fleming paperback editions which have since been reprinted again with introductions by various well-known authors. Perhaps Penguin plans to do this again. Perhaps we may finally see reprints of Colonel Sun, the John Gardner Bond novels and Raymond Benson’s series. Lets not forget that later this year John Pearson’s acclaimed Authorised Biography of James Bond is being reprinted, though not by Penguin. So who knows. More as I get it. In the meantime keep your eyes open for Penguin007.com

Thanks to CBn for the tip.

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