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The Entertainment Weekly blog, Popwatch, got to sit down and talk to Sebastian Faulks about the upcoming book, Fleming, other continuation novels (all of which he apparently has never read) and the films. He also responds to the question of whether Devil May Care may end up as an film someday. Faulks says it’s possible, but I think the likelihood is slim. For various reasons both Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli were against adapting continuation Bond novels, the latter because as John Gardner says it’s cheaper to just hire his own guys and come up with an original story. No doubt the Broccoli family will want to continue with that. It doesn’t make a whole lot of business sense if you ask me. When Casino Royale came out, I don’t think it was as popular as it was because of Ian Fleming or the fact that it was a serious adaptation of his first book. It was because Bond was played by a new guy and the film actually got great reviews. James Bond is the star. But hey.. there’s always that chance that the book sells astronomically well and EON takes notice, but I still wouldn’t bet on it becoming a film. Just my 2cents.

Popwatch Interview

In other Faulks news, The Young Bond Dossier takes a look at a James Bond parody penned by Faulks in 2006 as part of a collection of short parodies called Pastiche. Check out the book on Amazon or Amazon.co.uk

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