Activision Anticipates Strong 007 Sales

Filed under: Video games on Aug 2, 2007 at 7:36 pm

During a conference call in which Activision discussed its Q1 results of almost $28 million in net income, company executives stated they anticipate strong sales of their upcoming James Bond game. The game is currently in development by Treyarch best known for the last handful of Spider-Man games as well two recent Call of Duty console games.

Not much is really known about the game, but after asking around to get some updated information I can only reconfirm that Activision’s first 007 game will be an adaptation of Bond 22 and will be released around the time the film hits the theaters. Activision is staying incredibly tight-lipped on the subject for now, but I would bet on the game being a hybrid of a first-person shooter and a third-person tactical-cover system in the same vein as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas. Somewhat similar to Everything or Nothing except in first-person rather than third. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything official till next year when the production of the film is in full swing.

Shacknews has more on the Activision conference call including information on an estimate for the release of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Metallica in Guitar Hero III, and other news bits on further Activision titles slated for release this year. Activision’s earnings allowed them to became the top third-party publisher for the first half of the year surpassing EA due to big selling titles like Spider-Man 3 and Guitar Hero II. With the multiplatform Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4 on the horizon, Activision is looking to have a pretty good year if you ask me.


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