Bond 22 Not Based on Fleming

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As Paul Haggis hits the press junket for his new film The Valley of Elan, we’ve been hearing from him a number of new developments on Bond 22. First off, those rumors that you may have heard that Bond 22 will be “jokier”? Not true. I always thought that rumor (#6) was rubbish considering the colossal success of Casino Royale, but it’s good to have confirmation just to put the mind at ease.

Anyway, as the title of this post states, Bond 22 will not be based on a story by Ian Fleming like Casino Royale previously was, although Haggis says that it will be based on Fleming’s ideas. Whatever that means. God knows that there is tons of unused Fleming material that could be harvested for the film, but I think this is the old song and dance where they try and tell the fans that the next adventure will be grounded (too) and faithful enough to Fleming’s stories and character. Of course after Casino Royale, I believe him. Currently Haggis is on page 22 of the script, which in comparison to the last film means that Bond just met Dimitrios and is about to get himself a nice shiny 1965 Aston Martin DB5 (i.e., Haggis has a ways to go).

To read the interview with Haggis, check out The Collider and ComingSoon.net

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