Death Wing in US Stores Now

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Yesterday, September 11th, the Death Wing anthology of James Bond comic strips was released in U.S. stores. It features three stories written by Jim Lawrence with art by Yaroslav Horak. The three stores, Death Wing, Sea Dragon, and When the Wizard Awakes were originally published in newspapers between 1977 and 1978.

These specific three mark a turn in the comic strip series as they were the first to be published after The Daily Express discontinued the series in 1977. “The Living Daylights”, which was first published in 1962, was the first and only strip up to this point not to be originally published by The Daily Express. Instead it was first published by The Sunday Times which resulted in the aborted Thunderball comic strip. These three stories were published originally by The Sunday Express, the Sunday edition of The Daily Express.

As always Amazon.com has the book in stock, currently, for $13.57.

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