Faulks Talks Devil May Care, Again

Filed under: Devil May Care,Sebastian Faulks on Sep 13, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Sebastian Faulks discussed the upcoming centenary novel, Devil May Care with the Chronicle Journal. Notably he stated that Devil May Care will feature “a Cold War setting, exotic locales and Bond girls whom he says are “more than a match” for the suave secret agent.” As we already know, part of the book will take place in Paris. Thanks to CBn for the tip.

In other news, Devil May Care has been listed for pre-order on Amazon. So, go ahead and pre-order if you want. I mean this is great and all, but with about 8 months or so to go, I’m not too eager to pre-order at the moment especially when Amazon’s price is the list price and the date listed is May 20, 2008 (when was the last time you bought something on Amazon for the list price?). Both of those will probably change at some point. I would think, though neither will probably mess up the pre-order. It’s just.. I don’t know… 8 months. I don’t usually pre-order till I see a cover up on the site. That’s just me.

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