Bentley Is Back

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In the upcoming James Bond adventure, Devil May Care, James Bond will be driving a “battleship grey” Bentley once again according to a new report by the Telegraph. Additionally it was said that Bond will have a driver at his disposal given how much of the adventure takes place abroad. James Rosenstein, Bentley’s global director of external affairs, said: “It is wonderful that somebody has decided to go back to the roots of the original book, to Ian Fleming’s own tastes and to James Bond’s passion for the cars.” He also speculated that Bond may be driving the 1967 T-series Bentley, though IMO it’s most likely going to be a carryover from Fleming – thus the Bentley Mark II Continental with the Arnott supercharger last mentioned in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Of course if Bond has a driver, then.. it could be just about anything. Who knows. If this is a new Bentley, it will be Bond’s fourth (not counting John Gardner’s 1985 addition, the Bently Mulsanne Turbo)

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