Before There Was Young Bond… part 2

Filed under: Indiana Jones on Sep 29, 2007 at 6:04 pm

LucasFilm has announced details for Volume 2 and Volume 3 of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Volume 2, subtitled “The War Years” will be a 9-disc DVD set totaling 726 minutes of pure Indy action and historical documentaries. For Volume 2 there are only 8 episodes (Volume 1’s runtime is longer, but only has 7 episodes).

Notably for Bond fans, Volume 2 features one Daniel Craig in the episode “Daredevils of the Desert” also known as “Palestine, October 1917”. In fact Daniel Craig, no doubt due to the fact that he is now James Bond, is even featured on the box of Volume 2 (see right). This was not originally the case as the pre-final box art that showed up on the Internet earlier did not include Craig. The same episode also features Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Craig’s episode, which was written by Oscar nominee Frank Darabont, sees Indy going undercover in the Middle Eastern desert town of Beersheba. This specific episode also comes with two historical companion documentaries titled: “Col. Lawrence’s War: T.E. Lawrence and Arabia” and “Lines in the Sand: The Middle East and the Great War”.

Volume 2 is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $90.99 and will retail on December 17, 2007. Volume 1 has currently dropped in price at Amazon since my last report from $117.99 to $89.99. You can pre-order Volume 1 here. Volume 1 will be released on October 23rd.


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