Centenary Update

Filed under: Centenary,Devil May Care,Ian Fleming on Nov 7, 2007 at 11:42 pm

A lot of good news was announced today about Ian Fleming’s upcoming Centenary. The bookseller reports that Penguin is expecting to sell 250,000 copies of Sebastian Faulks upcoming James Bond adventure, Devil May Care in the UK backed by an “unmissable marketing and publicity campaign.”

All fourteen of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels are being reprinted in hardcover form in the UK and will retail for £14.99 a piece. I don’t know what to expect here. I’m kind of hoping they’re rather nostalgic, maybe just reusing Chopping’s and Fleming’s designs. Why not? I love those designs. Then again, new is cool too, but I just hope the designs are.. you know.. good. See it scares me because Penguin’s Tom Weldon talked about the design of Devil May Care’s upcoming cover art and it’s said to have a single iconic image. Now I don’t know what this single iconic image is, but I think about the last couple of books released that had a single image and as you’re probably aware I felt let down about those. Double or Die, for instance. Terrible cover art. I’m hopefully optimistic though. And that’s just the UK. In the U.S. we may see different cover art since it’s a different publisher here.

About 200 days to go……


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