Bond Ranks on Amazon's Best Book of 2007 List

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Amazon has published a list of their Best Books of 2007 and included in the Children’s section is Hurricane Gold. Sales for the book appear to be still going well, or so I’m led to believe since in overall sales it’s still in the top 100 (not just children’s). Okay, it ranks #97, but it’s beating Alan Greenspan ;)

This year saw the release of two Young Bond books, and in my opinion the better of the two was Double or Die, which didn’t get a mention by Amazon. On the other hand, in the Customer’s Top 100 Books of 2007, Double or Die came in at #81 (this list also includes audiobooks and multiple editions of the same book so Double or Die probably ranks higher once you get rid of the 25 other editions of the latest Harry Potter ;) ) On that list, no mention of Hurricane Gold.

So how do you do a Best Books of 2007 list when the year is still on-going? Well it’s a promotional deal to get you to buy these books for the holidays. And you should. Look at these savings! Double or Die is only £4.03 and Hurricane Gold is marked down to a mere £6.49 (good deal considering I paid £8.57 two months ago). :)

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