No Double or Die US Book Tour

Filed under: Double or Die on Apr 5, 2008 at 4:56 pm

When SilverFin and Blood Fever were published in the United States Charlie Higson went on a book tour across America to help promote it. Unfortunately, today the Young Bond Dossier reports that Higson will not being doing this for Double or Die’s publication. This is unfortunate really. Young Bond has been doing great in the UK, but over in America – not so much and it’s been two years since the publication of Blood Fever in America. Since then, two more Young Bond novels have been released in the UK and a third is ready to go later this year.

I thought Double or Die was going to be a fresh start over here. Not so sure about that anymore. Not specifically due to this news, I’ve just yet to see any real advertisements for the book or any news coverage and it was recently reported that there won’t be any proofs in the U.S. though it probably doesn’t need it. Granted, I’m not the intended audience, but marketing was the main problem I thought SilverFin and Blood Fever had. Lets hope third time is the charm.

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