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Penguin007 and Ian Fleming Publications are showing off the cover of Devil May Care for all to see. It features the model Tuuli Shipster as the stem of a blood red flower. Earlier it was said that the cover would feature a single iconic image and I must say that although the image is questionably iconic (only time can really tell), I do indeed like it, but in many ways it reminds me of the teaser poster for The World Is Not Enough. That’s not a bad thing. I love that piece as well. Good work all-around by the Partners who designed the jacket.

My one issue with the cover is the wording “Sebastian Faulks Writing As Ian Fleming”. I saw this earlier in a Penguin007 press release and I took issue with it then. I think this may be the result of long discussions of how to work in “Ian Fleming” on the cover or maybe someone just wrote it up and everyone thought it was a good idea. I, personally, don’t, but I understand why they would want to do this.

Devil May Care will be released worldwide on May 28th to celebrate the 100th birthday of James Bond creator and author Ian Fleming. Most editions worldwide will use this cover, but perhaps (Penguin007/IFP implies) not all.

James Bond is renowned for his impeccable taste when it comes to women, and the girl on the front of the brand new Bond book will leave you both shaken and stirred.

The jacket image for Devil May Care, written by Sebastian Faulks, is unveiled today (Monday 3rd December). It features the model Tuuli Shipster, muse of the British photographer, Rankin.

Tuuli says: “I was thrilled that Penguin chose me to be their Bond girl. It’s fantastic to be involved with something so iconic.”

Tuuli, the daughter of a diplomat, is just one of the elements on the cover of the eagerly-awaited new Bond book. The cover image features a blood red flower with the silhouette of a naked woman as its stem, against a black background – strictly for your eyes only.

Alex Clarke, Penguin Editor of Devil May Care, says: “The cover had to be something stylish and sophisticated – all the things that one associates with Fleming’s James Bond. With such a great concept the challenge was then to find the perfect girl to bring it to life. We just knew the moment we saw her that Tuuli was our Bond girl.”

The jacket image was created by the award winning design agency, The Partners, who work with some of Britain’s oldest heritage brands including Jaguar, Wedgwood, Harrods, the BBC and The National Gallery.

Jack Renwick, Creative Director, The Partners says: “It’s an honour to become a small part of Bond’s rich visual history. Bond is sex, intrigue and violence. We wanted to capture this and give a subtle nod to the familiar, iconic Bond images of old. It is with great pride that The Partners adds Penguin’s latest Bond to their portfolio.”

The cover photograph was taken by British photographer and commercials director, Kevin Summers.

Devil May Care is written by best selling author Sebastian Faulks and is set in the Cold War. It will be published by Penguin on 28th May 2008 to mark the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth. Alongside the publication of Devil May Care, there is a year long programme of projects planned for the centenary, including exhibitions at the Imperial War Museum and the Fleming Collection and special Ian Fleming’s James Bond stamps issued by the Royal Mail.

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