Bizarre Creations on Bond #2?

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For a while now, I’ve been hearing a thing or two about Activision Bond game #2. The first thing was that the title may be in development by newly-acquired Activision developer Bizarre Creations best known for the critically acclaimed Project Gotham Racing series for Xbox and Xbox 360. I held off on writing something up about this because I didn’t really have any solid evidence and I was waiting for confirmation from some people I know. Well, that never came, but EGM seems to think that Bizarre is on the job too. In their January 2008 issue they say:

“My spy tells me the Project Gotham Racing 4 creators are working on the next James Bond game. “But they make racing games,” you say? Well, duh— that’s why it’s going to focus a lot on driving.” – EGM

Of course I didn’t hear it was a straight up racing game. Maybe it will, but I doubt it. Bond is known for awesome cars, but not really racing. Back in 2000 Electronic Arts went this route too with 007 Racing, which was a terrible game, but it wasn’t really about racing either. It was more like SpyHunter than it was an actual racing game. Bizarre doesn’t just make racing games though. Their next release due early next year is a third-person shooter called The Club and they’re also known for Geometry Wars. My guess is that while the focus of the game may be on the cars, Bond may get out and do some walking. Or maybe another SpyHunter-like game is in the works. Who knows, it could be more like Grand Theft Auto. You know.. without the whole Grand Theft aspect. It’s too early to say. Regardless, I’d bet on a release in 2009.

Thanks to Fro and Kotaku for the EGM alert.


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