Amis, Fleming, Dahl Among the 50 Best since 1945

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Over at The Times Online, they ran a list of the 50 best British authors since 1945. Coming in at #14 is our man Ian Fleming. He was beat out though by Bond continuation novelist Kingsley Amis who ranked #9. Martin Amis, his son also made the list at #19. Roald Dahl who adapted You Only Live Twice for the big screen surprisingly (to me) came in at #16. Awhile back I mentioned a recent survey of best Children’s authors in which Dahl ranked #1 even beating out J.K. Rowling in her prime. And yes, Rowling made the Times’ list too at #42.

So who got #1? Kingsley’s bud, Philip Larkin. Interesting selection.

Read The Times article here and see the list here.

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