More Young Bond On The Way?

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It’s been hinted at by Charlie here and there, but the BBC broke the news today that more Young Bond adventures will come following the September release of the fifth Young Bond novel, By Royal Command. Actually it’s said that Higson wants to take a break and then see about returning for more. It’s not definite, but if it happens, where does that put James? Well, according to Higson:

“One thing I’ve been talking about possibly doing is a second sequence of books for a slightly older readership, maybe taking him up to and into World War II.

I’d love that personally. I’ve been advocating this for a long time on the CBn forums. In fact I said: “I would rather skip Fettes. Go right to Bond in the military. Let Bond have sort of normalcy in his life and it would be nice for him to possibly reflect on those years while he’s in the military or when he’s grown up. I like Young Bond, I do, but I want Bond to .. be Bond. I want him to have issues that we’re more use to. Example: Death, killing people, and I also want the Master Spy back – the good twist to all of this is that it’s Bond in WW2. All the death, destruction, and Bond working behind the scenes perhaps in a series that is largely detached from what is considered a typical Bond book (Bond against some megalomaniac hellbent on the destruction of a city, country, or the world). A common enemy. Maybe he’s sent to steal some documents, get someone of some importance to defect or to sabotage some piece of equipment. For a few books anyway, all of it building up to Casino Royale and Bond’s admission into the British Secret Service.”

Following the release of Hurricane Gold, I wrote up some theories on the future of Young Bond from that point. Take a look. Maybe something, maybe nothing.


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