Big Launch For Devil May Care

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According to theBookseller, the first copies of James Bond’s upcoming adventure by Sebastian Faulks will be escorted down the Thames to a press event on board the HMS Exeter at Tower Bridge. This sounds pretty similar to when Daniel Craig was announced as James Bond. Interestingly, if you read the bio of James Bond from the film Casino Royale, the marketing-created one, it actually says Bond served on the HMS Exeter as an intelligence officer before and during Operation Granby. After the press event, a convoy will deliver the books to Waterstone’s in Piccadilly.

theBookseller calls the launch “massive” and according to Penguin General m.d. Tom Weldon, it will be the “most spectacular in publishing for decades”. That’s a pretty big promise right there. Currently there’s a large countdown to Devil May Care in Piccadilly Circus. You can see it here. Right below what appear to be delicious McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. (It had to be mentioned)

The press event takes place on May 27th, a day before Devil May Care’s release.

Big thanks to CommanderBond.net

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