Radio 4's Centenary Airing

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Saturday 24 May Radio 4 kicks off their Fleming Centenary celebration. Beginning at 10:30am they will air “The Bond Correspondence” where Lucy Fleming (Ian’s niece) will “embark upon a quest to discover more about her mysterious uncle Ian, creator of James Bond.” Roger Moore will apparently play the voice of Ian Fleming. Sounds cool, but the main feature will be Toby Stephens (Gustav Graves in Die Another Day) playing the voice of James Bond in a dramatization of Dr. No. Doctor No will be played by David Suchet. This begins at 2:30pm.

At some point, I believe they’ll add it to their website. Check here for when that happens. Maybe while everyone enjoys this, I’ll go back and listen to the BBC dramatization of You Only Live Twice with Michael Jayston as 007. I always thought I should post that here for everyone to hear, but I’m not sure it’s legally smart. I’ll look into this.

On Monday 26 May Radio 4 will air a 30-minute segment called “James Bond, the Last Englishman”. This will be hosted by professor David Cannadine who will argue Fleming’s novels are a great response to when Britain was struggling to find a role in the world having just lost an Empire. That airs at 8pm.

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