Faulks Shares Experience of Launch

Filed under: Devil May Care,Sebastian Faulks on May 27, 2008 at 8:00 pm

Sebastian Faulks has written a piece in The Telegraph sharing his experience of the Devil May Care launch on the HMS Exeter as well as his experience in writing the book. He also spoils the plot of book (no, not really).

All this achievement may sound intimidating, but Lucy and her sister Kate Grimond couldn’t have been easier to work with. They made a few polite suggestions about Bond lore, but gave me a free hand.

I sought help on cars from an old rally-driver friend, Mark Lanyon. Plenty came. “This is a bit wussy,” or “I think you mean understeer, not oversteer here.” So, a sneak preview of the plot?

Bond gets married on page one and dies on page two. Well, never say never.

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