Young Bond Companion Coming in November

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Good news for Young Bond fans. A companion to Charlie Higson’s 5 works was announced today by the Young Bond Dossier. Coming in November from Puffin Books Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier includes a currently unpublished short story by Higson. I can only assume that this is the short story that he devised many moons ago with Bond and his aunt on their way back to England from Mexico on an ocean liner (i.e., between Hurricane Gold and By Royal Command). On the ship Bond supposedly has a run in with Wilder Lawless from SilverFin.

The companion also includes in-depth profiles of .. well everything Young Bond including information on the cars, the locations, the weapons, and the characters etc. I hope it includes some behind the scene stuff – origins for where things came from. For instance, Manny the Girl, a villain in Hurricane Gold was actually a Fleming name.  Fleming used to go around and write down names in a journal that piqued his interest. Shatterhand was in the journal and was used as a cover for Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Only Live Twice. Manny the Girl was also written down as well as many others (I recall “Peter Bull the villian” – think of the possible titles and variations that could be used here: Bull’s Eye). But I digress. The companion has statistics, maps, photographs, and more illustrations by Kev Walker (still waiting on Blood Fever: The Graphic Novel).

More information can be found here. Note the companion comes in the same hardcover style as Hurricane Gold and By Royal Command and is apparently authored by Charlie Higson (a surprise to me).

I look forward to this.


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