Higson Signs a Ton of Books

Filed under: Charlie Higson,Hurricane Gold on Aug 14, 2007 at 1:03 pm

On August 10th, Charlie Higson sat down to sign 1500 copies of Hurricane Gold according to the Young Bond Dossier. The advance copies are for independent customers and white gloves had to be worn to prevent marking the shiny gold cover. Doesn’t Charlie look like he’s suffering? They should have spruced the room up with some balloons. Balloons always make things more fun. ;) (image from YBD)

On a related note the Australian Government loves SilverFin calling it a “sensational, action-packed adventure”. They recently added it to their Books Alive program which aims to encourage their citizens to experience the joys of reading. For more on that news, check out CommanderBond.net.

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