007 Wire, September 07 Part 1

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Time for some film news…

  • Variety got a big Bond 22 scoop by talking to all the big players on the film including Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson, Paul Haggis, Marc Forster, and Amy Pascal. Bond 22 picks up right where Casino Royale left off and still won’t include Miss Moneypenny and Q (this is a good thing IMO). Lots more goodies in this article.
  • According to a Danish website, Jesper Christensen who played Mr. White in Casino Royale will be back for Bond 22. You can read about it in English at CBn.
  • George Lazenby, official Bond #2, turned 68 on September 5th.
  • CBn ran a feature on Nabila, which posed as The Flying Saucer, Largo’s yacht from Never Say Never Again.
  • AICN got word from an unknown source that Bond 22 may sorta kinda be called The Property of a Lady. I wouldn’t put a ton of stock in this. While this may end up being true, The Property of a Lady has been a fan frontrunner for years and years as always the “next Bond film’s title”. Also… from the source he says that it was hinted at from someone who lectured on the life of Ian Fleming, which seems wrong. I just don’t picture too many people “in the know” that are qualified to lecture on Ian Fleming. John Cork, maybe. Whatever, but keep in mind that Haggis didn’t know last week – he even said he suggested a title and never received any feedback so that just tells you how tight lipped the Broccolis are being on this.

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