007 Wire, September 07 Part 2

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I’ve been rather absent the past few days. I did some work behind the scenes on the site, but other than that, I haven’t really been updating. Not that there’s been a ton of news. I’ve been mostly wasting my time playing the beta for Team Fortress 2. So awesome….

So yeah.. Bond rumblings:

  • Paul Haggis is still making news by talking Bond 22 while out doing some marketing for his latest film, In the Valley of Elah. Now he’s up to page 45, which may not even be half way. In comparison to Casino Royale, which was 112 pages, Bond hasn’t even arrived at the casino yet. When asked if there would be gadgets in the film, he merely said “I might”. I don’t mind realistic gadgets, but keep them realistic or better yet.. plausible.
  • Apparently the Bond girl will be from South America according to FilmJerk.com which reports on a casting notice released by the producers.
  • The Sun is reporting that Daniel Craig is back in training so that he can kick ass on the slopes. A ski sequence is expected in the film, possibly in the Alps, based on comments made by Marc Forster.
  • The Daily Express talked to the folks at Brioni who are saying that Craig will be more casual in Bond 22, thus no tux. Not sure how much stock you can put into it. I don’t think Bond needs to be seen in a tux in every film, but as CBn points out Craig himself said Bond wouldn’t appear in a dinner jacket in Casino Royale, which was enormously wrong.

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