Higson Considering Short Story

Filed under: Young Bond on Oct 4, 2007 at 3:18 pm

According to the Young Bond Dossier, Charlie Higson is considering writing a Young Bond short story that takes place between Hurricane Gold and the currently untitled Young Bond 5. The story would feature James Bond and his aunt, Charmian on an Ocean liner on their way back to England from Mexico and the Caribbean. It would also see the return of Wilder Lawless.

When such a story would be published or how is not yet known… if Charlie even writes it, but May sounds like a good idea as it would add something else original and Young Bond related to the Centenary period. Maybe they could include it in another supplementary book much like the Young Bond Rough Guide to London which was released following the publication of Double or Die. You know what would be cool? Take a Fleming short story, add the Higson short story, add a Weinberg short story (or have her write a new one), and maybe beg Mr. Sebastian Faulks to author a short story and release it as a short story collection in May 2008 as kind of a pocket supplementary guide thing. Moments from Bond’s life. Call it “Time and Tide” or something cooler. I like the idea anyway and it works as advertising to get people into Fleming’s adventures, into Young Bond, into the Moneypenny Diaries and it’d be a decent precursor or setup to Devil May Care. Mark this idea as something that would be awesome, but will never happen.


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