Beenox Doing Bond 22 Wii and PC Port

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Way back in August we learned that developers Beenox and Vicarious Visions would be porting Treyarch’s adaptation of Bond 22 to other systems. I speculated that Beenox would be doing the PC port – turns out they’re also doing the Wii port according to Beenox Creative Director Thomas Wilson as reported by GameIndustry.biz.

“Right now we’re working on a James Bond Wii title in conjunction with Treyarch and we’re rolling with it because we’re really good at what we’re doing and Activision doesn’t want to send their ports anywhere else.”

“One thing we want to make sure of if we’re making the Wii version is that we absolutely want the controls to be top notch. Although we don’t fully control the original development content because it’s in collaboration with Treyarch, that’s one thing that we can do – make sure we put out a strong Wii title. We’re almost ahead of the title that is being developed with Treyarch at the moment, so we’re saying that we’re ready and waiting for stuff. That’s the Beenox way of doing things, we don’t want to waste time, we want to be productive.”
Beenox’s Thomas Wilson

Unless things have changed, as I said above, I can confirm that Beenox is also doing the PC port as well.

Thanks to CommanderBond.net for the tip.


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