Almost 31 Years later…

Filed under: Misc Films on Feb 14, 2008 at 4:07 pm

Last year 7/7/07 marked the 30th anniversary of The Spy Who Loved Me. Almost 31 years later, the Swiss company Rinspeed has built a Lotus Elise that is fully submersible dubbed the sQuba.

From Autoblog:

The sQuba is an all-electric vehicle with three motors, one to drive the car on land and two to power a pair of screw drives for underwater movement. These are aided by two Seabob jet drives that “breathe” through rotating louvers mounted on the car’s fenders and appear to give the car its maneuverability underwater.

I just have two questions. 1) Why use a convertible? That’s just cheating since you gotta actually use scuba gear to keep yourself from drowning. 2) Where’s the surface-to-air missiles and the depth charges? Weak. ;)

Read more including more images and a video here.


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