007 Wire, July 07 Part 1

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  • Author Martin Amis, the son of former Bond author Kingsley Amis, is getting together with current Bond author Charlie Higson on July 17 on BBC 4 at 11.30am to Noon in a segment called “Amis, Amis And Bond”. The press release says Higson will talk to Martin about his father’s Bond obsession (authored one continuation novel as well as two non-fiction books), and Fleming’s role in his life and work.
  • Unlike all the other Young Bond novels, Hurricane Gold will not have a proof edition according to the Young Bond Dossier. Also, YBD reports that Double or Die has been nominated for the 2007 Southern Schools Book Award which is selected by librarians, teachers and students in the UK. A winner will be announced sometime later in the year.
  • Silhouette Man over at CBn has written up another good article this time focusing on the Circus and its connection throughout Fleming’s novels from Red Grant to Pussy Galore, to Francisco Scaramanga as well its minor role in Higson’s first novel, SilverFin. Check it out here.
  • 07/07/07 marked the 30th anniversary of The Spy Who Loved Me in the theaters. Both CBn and MI6 covered the event.
  • Cinematical scored an exclusive look at a new poster for The Invasion starring Daniel Craig. Interesting movie right here considering Craig shot this movie prior to doing Casino Royale. It used to be a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but after tons of delays including being renamed three times, being partially rewritten by The Wachowski’s (The Matrix trilogy), and partially reshot by James McTeigue (V For Vendetta), who the hell knows what it is now. Finally getting released though on August 17. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to see the original version by director Oliver Hirschbiegel on DVD at some point.

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