The Battle For Bond: Second Edition Details

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Details are beginning to emerge about the second edition of Robert Sellers The Battle For Bond that was banned early this year for allegedly using copyrighted material owned by the Fleming Trust. Due to the banning, interest and demand in the book sharply rose paving the way for Tomahawk Press (the publisher) to release a second edition with the offending material removed. In the UK the second edition will hit bookstores on 23 June and will include a brand new foreword, this time from author Len Deighton who played a role in attempting to get a McClory Bond script off the ground in the 70s with Sean Connery. The first edition’s foreword was written by Raymond Benson.

The cover art for the second edition is pretty much the same except with the acknowledgment of the foreword by Deighton instead of Benson and now a red strip in the upper right hand corner that says “The Book They Tried To Ban”.

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