007 Wire, July 07 Part 2

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  • K-Swiss is partnering up with Sebastien Foucan to introduce the first “free running shoe” called Ariake. Foucan is best known to readers of this site as Mollaka, the man Bond chases down while in Madagascar at the start of Casino Royale. In addition to the shoe, the collaboration will also lead to TV and print advertisements, a documentary presumably featuring Foucan, and a website dedicated to free running.
  • Cinematical scored another exclusive first look, this time for the second Daniel Craig film coming out this year (and the second film to oddly enough pair both Nicole Kidman and Eva Green with Craig) The Golden Compass. Over there you can see 5 different posters, 1 featuring Daniel Craig looking rather badass and another featuring Eva Green (Vesper) soaring through the air.
  • Screendaily sat down for an interview with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to talk about their co-scriptwriting history, why they got picked up by the Broccolis for The World Is Not Enough and more.
  • Acclaimed video game designer Peter Molyneux (Populous, Black & White) was actually inspired by the torture scene in Casino Royale for his upcoming game Fable 2. Or so he’s been saying at this year’s E3. Apparently instead of dying the main character will now fall to the ground where the enemies will kick the ever living crap (‘the living daylights’, if you will) out of the player leaving permanent scars for the remainder of the game. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting. I mean how often are people inspired … uhh with good intentions… by a torture scene. At the time of writing this it is unknown whether you can ask your foes to take care of a little itch. (too much?)
  • Variety briefly mentioned that Sony is gunning for a 2010 release date for Bond 23. A no-brainer really since EON Productions likes a 2-year film schedule. Other sources like ComingSoon.net are saying it’s going to be a summer release. Of course there’s also the issue with whether Sony will still be around. If I recall correctly Sony only had a deal for two films (Casino Royale being the first) and even if I’m wrong on that according to a recent article by The Hollywood Reporter MGM plans on buying back the consortium’s 50% stake in the company thus taking Bond back; meaning Sony won’t have anything to do with Bond 23. Of course Bond means big bucks so maybe Sony will fight a bit harder.
  • Production of Bond 22 will be coming back home to Pinewood Studios rather than returning to Prague’s Barrandov reports Variety citing the head of Barrandov, Vladimir Kuba. No other location was named by Kuba or EON Productions, but the decision to return to Pinewood was decided on due to the budget and lack financial incentives.
  • The Entertainment Merchants Association’s Home Entertainment (EMCA) Awards were announced not long ago and Casino Royale picked up Best Blu-ray Title of the Year. The Departed took home Best HD-DVD Title of the Year as well as DVD Rental Title of the Year.

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