007 Wire, July 07 Part 3

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  • Over at ajb007 they have a pretty cool article titled “Sex, Sun and Sadism” about the politics of Kingsley Amis and Colonel Sun.
  • It’s A-MAIZE-ING. Ever wondered what Roger Moore would look like if he were depicted as a maze in a field? Or a DB5? Yeah.. check it out. Some always said Moore’s 007 interpretation was a bit corny, but these guys took it to a whole new level. I could keep going..
  • Peter Lamont won’t be returning for Bond 22. Instead the role of production designer will go to Dennis Gassner best known for his work on Field of Dreams, Big Fish, and two previous films starring Daniel Craig, Road to Perdition and the upcoming The Golden Compass. Additionally, it is possible that one location for Bond 22 will be Austria.
  • CBn has two recent interviews. One is with Chris Corbould who has done special effects for numerous Bond films going as far back as A View to a Kill. Recently Corbould did Casino Royale, Batman Begins and is currently working on The Dark Knight. The second interview is with Nicolas Fleurier, author of James Bond & Indiana Jones: Action Figures.
  • MI6 scored an interview with David Arnold.

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