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If you read the Young Bond Dossier you’d know that Charlie Higson has a new series of books (non-Bond) coming in 2009 starting in September from Puffin Books. Personally I can’t wait to find out more on this and more importantly when he plans on continuing Young Bond (because I bet he will at some point). Anyway, 2009 will actually be a really good year for Charlie since in addition to Young Bond in the US his earlier works will also be republished in the UK. Here’s an outline of what’s coming:

  • King of the Ants (reprint) – 5 February (UK)
  • Getting Rid of Mister Kitchen (reprint) – 5 February (UK)
  • SilverFin (reprint) – 10 March (US)
  • Blood Fever (reprint) – 10 March (US)
  • Double or Die (1st ed. paperback) – 10 March (US)
  • Hurricane Gold (1st ed. hardcover) – 9 April (US)
  • By Royal Command (1st ed. paperback) – 28 May (UK)
  • Happy Now (reprint) – 6 August (UK)
  • Full Whack (reprint) – 6 August (UK)
  • Untitled – September (UK)

Maybe even Blood Fever in graphic novel form? Who knows. Like I said, a really good year.

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