007 Wire, June 07 Part 2

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I always said this site would focus on the literary world of James Bond, but when the news comes to a crawl it kind of gets boring and I don’t really feel like covering books in depth all the time even though that went over okay. I’ve tried covering other spies, mainly Bourne – I only went for it because I love video games though. I may continue to do this, I may not. We’ll see. The following is news that I didn’t bother to cover because my buddies (see right panel) did in far more detail or because it was just too minor to mention or I just didn’t :). It’s also good to have some sort of bi-monthly wrap up for the people that aren’t die hard fans but still want to know what’s been going on.

  • The Battle for Bond: The Genesis of Cinema’s Greatest Hero by Robert Sellers was released in the UK on June 18. A U.S. release is pending according to the publisher Tomahawk Media, but this won’t be till September. Trust me when I say this is a landmark book for all the 007 film fans that are interested in the legal battles between EON Productions, Ian Fleming, and Kevin McClory. It goes into great detail about all this including information on a screenplay drafted in the late 70s by Sean Connery, McClory, and Len Deighton. Speaking of which Deighton has already come out in praise of the book calling it an “exciting, gripping but in the end, melancholy story”. Deighton doesn’t write much anymore so this is pretty momentous.
  • Marc Forster was announced as the director of Bond 22. In an interview with a Swiss newspaper he implied that Bond 22 may take place in the Alps. Notably Bond hasn’t been to the Alps since 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Off the top of my head anyway. We’ve certainly seen enough snow recently, but maybe Bond will do some rock climbing like in For Your Eyes Only or High Time to Kill. The fact that Bond’s parents were killed in a rock climbing accident may add a certain dramatic appeal.
  • Final artwork for Hurricane Gold was displayed at Amazon.co.uk (see image) and the number of pages was revealed to be 368 making it the shortest Young Bond novel to date though still longer than anything by Fleming, Amis, Gardner, and Benson. Isn’t it odd that the books aimed at a younger audience have more pages than the books aimed at the older audience? Not to imply that adults don’t or can’t enjoy the Young Bond novels. I certainly do anyway.
  • Over at CBn Silhouette Man strikes again by writing an article on the disbanding of the 00-section first mentioned in Fleming’s Goldfinger.

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